Go, Goa, Gone... A Solo Journey to Goa

Ha ha… The craziest thing I did!!! There are many but my first solo journey was the craziest, I think. I planned for Goa Carnival in last Feb and asked many of my friends to join me; even I posted an open offer on my FB wall but no one turned up and I had to reach there with one and only friend, that’s me only.

Arabian Sea: View from Monkey Beach, Goa

It was 8 in evening when I landed in Panaji and after a one and half hour journey to Calangute Beach I was in my resort’s room which was already booked. As soon as I got fresh, I went to the nearby market in search of bike and very soon I got one Avenger. Without wasting a second, I kicked the same and rushed back to Panaji. When I reached there it was 11PM and I got into a Casino Cruise with an overnight package. The package included free dinner, gala dance, and a 500 coupon to play casino in a single on certain tables. But here is a problem, Problem with my luck. I was never so lucky to win gamble; therefore I decided not to play but I had Rs. 500 coupon, so I sat on a table called Roulette. I was watching the game, the spinning wheel, the ball of luck and the numbers on wheel. In between I called up the service boy and asked him to serve me a Virgin Pinacolada and a plate of chilly chicken. When I finished the same then I thought that I compensated the worth of entry ticket and now it’s time to try my luck. But in a single round I lost my 500 bucks coupon. Now I became greedy to recover my money and asked the boy to give me 5 casino chips of 100. I paid cash on table, took the chips and again sat back and enjoyed about 3 Apple Margarita Shirley Temple back to back after that when I again realized that I had compensated my money I took risk with Rs. 300 but this time also I lost. Now again I sat for next half an hour and took some more mocktails like Sundowner and Cinderella and snacks and then I played a Rs. 100 chip and this time my luck clicked, I won 8 times money in a single round of luck. Now I had Rs. 1000 in my hand. I told myself to play sensibly and I could win more. After putting Rs. 500 chips in my pocket I resumed the game with rest of Rs. 500 and within next two hours I made Rs. 24000 with that 500 only. Now I told myself that if I lost any chance then I had to quit. And I played my luck for one last time and lost Rs. 2000. At very time, I left the table with casino chips worth Rs. 22500, collected the cash and then took the free dinner and enjoyed bollywood dance on the top deck and then at around 3AM in morning I was in my resort.
Arabian Sea: Calangute Beach, Early Morning Shot

After a winning and exiting night it was the Goan Morning when I spend few minutes on the Calangute Beach and then took a boat ride for whole day. I was alone but not lonely because I made friends in a Russian Group. We enjoyed swimming, fishing, beach bath, have a jungle walk, beach dance, barbecue, diving, Sea surfing, Sea sailing, Banana ride and lots of lots of things. In the evening I enjoyed carnival dance show and many Goan cultural things. Very next morning I went to other beaches like Anjuna and Bagha. It was an exciting tour of my life, I was alone but never bored, not for a single second. In the evening I was home with lots of memories.

Madhaw Tiwari

यदि लिखने में मुझसे कोई त्रुटि, हो गई हो तो नि:संकोच यहां टिप्पणी करें और बतायें और यदि आपको पसंद आया तो बिना किसी तकल्लुफ़ के उत्साहवर्धन करें, मैं आभारी रहूंगा।.

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