I am depressed

Now a day I am so much depressed that I can’t find a clue to overcome it. I went through many online ideas, many ways to spare us from this depression but nothing worked. Before this I believe in GOD and that helped me always in this type of situation but this time that belief has also been broken up and most of time I feel myself lonely. Even people close to me are not looking mine. What to do? I don’t know but I am trying to overcome it in my own way by eating a lot, speaking a lot, working a lot, sleeping a lot, engaging myself a lot etc.

These processes are also not working in this situation. Someone said “Follow your inner soul, try to keep it calm and practical, believe in yourself, do things for yourself, try to keep yourself happy with those things which are meant for you.” These words are worthy in listening but when you try to apply it on yourself, each time you feel like your life is paused by something, because you are already depressed for the thing you want, your soul wants, the reason of your happiness. Actually you are depressed because you are missing that only thing which is meant for you.

Now I am also playing with words to overcome it, because there is no way to express that grief to anyone on the planet. It’s mine and it will be lived by me only. Therefore it is also a process to defy that dusky feeling. Actually when you dejected with a crashed event of life you always think about that even if you do not want to recall. Events, talks, memories, images, care all come across your mind like a video recording and you are bound to see that video. As much as you try to avoid those annoying memories you actually drown in that.

People say if nothing works on your crest fallen you have to trust on time which has a power to heal any type of sore. I can trust on this notion because I experienced it many times. I lost loved ones in my life whether by nature’s choice or by their choice and sooner or later life was restored by time. So finally I am leaving all my life to time. May time cure this wound also.
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Madhaw Tiwari

यदि लिखने में मुझसे कोई त्रुटि, हो गई हो तो नि:संकोच यहां टिप्पणी करें और बतायें और यदि आपको पसंद आया तो बिना किसी तकल्लुफ़ के उत्साहवर्धन करें, मैं आभारी रहूंगा।.


  1. Don't depress bro..share it with someone..'.ME'
    Life is one time play..don't let it it live it make it beet gaya so beet. Gaya..leave that page forever that hurts u...start the new page new life new journey