A crazy journey to Nainitaal

Nainital: Tiger Cave

It was a scorching Saturday in Delhi and I just came back from work. After a tiring day I was not in mood to cook and was just started thinking to order something from nearby restro but suddenly my phone rang and on the other side one of my childhood friend was shouting “Where are you Man, I am in Delhi and just joined Shanshank”. I really didn’t want to listen to him but he was breathless, not giving me any room to say a single word that I am tired and planning to sleep early. His train was still running and he said that, yeah he said that “We are coming to your place and we will party all night.” What could I say except an unwanted ‘YES’
After an hour they were nearby my home and asked me to join at Angithi, the restro-bar. I was in shorts and t-shirt, they were also in t-shirt and jeans and it was 11PM. After meeting them we entered the restro but were denied to food.
In another hour we were at Chandani Chowk just in search of some food and on the roadside we got Amritsari Naan Thali. Friends are really the pure and real asset of life, in those few hours I forgot all my tiredness and I was enjoying their company. Suddenly my traveler soul asked them to travel somewhere “Hey Sonu, Abey Kahi Chalte hai!!!”… Sonu said “Abey kahi Chalate hai, Iss halat me!! We don’t have our bags; In fact we don’t have extra cloths”
Suddenly Shashank jumped in the conversation “Hey guys we can do it, we have our wallets and credit cards, we can make anything, common let’s go. Lekin Kahan???” The big question was “Kahan??”. Now we decided to catch a travel agent and he will suggest us, where to go and it was not so far, we found many agents near Lal Quila but all the buses were rushing to Punjab and we didn’t wanted to go Punjab in that hot season. An agent suggested us to catch a bus from Anand Vihar to Nainital and at around 1AM we were at Anand Vihar Bus Terminus.
Now the real struggle started. Searching an A/c Bus for Nainital at 1AM is as difficult as searching a movies show at the same time. But we were not ready to give up, we took the last bus on that route; a general bus to Haldwani. It was a difficult journey to Haldwani but at 8AM, we were there and from there we hired a car for Nainital. We all were tired and wanted to rest for few hours but we didn’t have time. Me and Shashank had to reach office on very next day, so it was decided “No Rest, Only Roam” and from early morning till evening we touched all the sites of Nainital and perhaps it was the nature around us we didn’t yawn even for a single time. It was an awesome and fun-filled tour, whether it was the caves of Nainital or the soothing air beside Bhimtaal or the famous Kari Chawal at Saattaal, we enjoyed every moment. Within this journey I was lucky to visit Kaichi Dham also.
In the evening everyone wanted to relax but firstly we have to book our ticket to Delhi and Shashank made it. All the buses were full but Shashank caught an agent asked him to manage tickets by giving extra 100 bucks but the agent was in a hurry to catch his friends near the Taal. We followed him and reached to his friends’ group. They sat in a circle. Some packet of chips, chana, peanuts, snacks, soda, water and of course a bottle of whisky was waiting for our esteemed agent. I told Shashank ‘Le ab kar le baat’. Suddenly that agent asked us to join them, but we ruled out but Neeraj started shouting on him “What the hell you guys are doing here, it is a historic place; you all are sitting between the historic Taal and British Mall Road and here you guys opened a mini Bar? So ridiculous!!” He was unstoppable. “Stop this non-sense. You don’t know my friend is in Media. Madhaw why are you mum, say something.” The agent stood up and said “Baitho to sahi, peena mat lekin baith jao.” I make Neeraj down and we sat with them and in a very short span we started giving high five within our conversation. But still my mind was just thinking for tickets and here the drama started. I started crying and said “Oh my God, Oh my God, I’ll lose my job definitely”. The agent asked “Why, what happened friend”. Now the show began “Actually I have to reach Delhi any how tomorrow, I have a very crucial meeting over there and these f**king friends are not able to manage a single ticket for me”. I thought he will say something but he asked for his next glass of drink and we all were watching him constantly, He drank that peg in a single shot and suddenly told us to walk with him.
We wished his friends and walked with him. He took us to a Volvo Bus and spoke to the driver that we were his friend and finally we got the seat. I chatted with him for a last time “thanks for making it Man”; he said “Dost hai yaar, aur Dosti ke liye Kuchh bhee meri jaan, Next time aana to milna zarur”. I asked him for his business card but he ruled out and said “Dosti mein no cards!!! Aana to Milna, Good Bye”
And after saying him good bye when we started from Nainital everyone were thinking “Will we be asked for fare or not”. Very soon we slept and when we reached Delhi in Morning the Bus driver said “Paa Ji Dilli Aa gaya, Ghar tak chhodna Padega kya!!!!”. We got up and he asked us to join him on tea. While taking tea when I tried to pay for the same the driver stopped me and said “Paaji aap hamare dost ke dost ho, aisa na karo”. I stopped but Sonu jumed between us and forcefully gave him the fare and threw the trump card by saying “Dosti ke liye zaruri hai ki hum dobara aap sab se mile aur usake liye zaruri hai ki hum apane chahre par Kiraya na dene ka guilt lekar na jayein”. And it worked, he gave us jaadu ki jhappi and we came back home with  about thousand photographs of our one day unexpected journey.

Thanks to all, thanks to the nature.

Madhaw Tiwari

यदि लिखने में मुझसे कोई त्रुटि, हो गई हो तो नि:संकोच यहां टिप्पणी करें और बतायें और यदि आपको पसंद आया तो बिना किसी तकल्लुफ़ के उत्साहवर्धन करें, मैं आभारी रहूंगा।.

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